Licensing and Partnerships

DevOps ICU is a multi-day training program that’s ready to license or resell.

DevOps ICU was written by Debbie Levitt, a UX strategist and architect with over 20 years in the industry. She’s trying to solve the problems many of us have seen when companies misunderstand, circumvent, overrule, and disrespect UX practitioners and processes.

With over 400 PowerPoint slides and a fully-written script, DevOps ICU is packaged up nicely and ready for you to present or resell. Presented live, it runs 1.5 – 2 full eight-hour days (minus meals and breaks).

The content includes participant exercises, discussion topics, and polls to keep people engaged. 

Agile and Lean consultants, coaches, trainers, and other specialists outside of the UX arena can resell the program, which would be taught by Debbie. 

UX practitioners who would be able to expertly handle and answer spontaneous audience questions can license the presentation and materials to deliver it themselves. Replace my war stories with your own or use mine.

DevOps ICU Training Objectives Include:

  • DevOps, Engineering, Product, and UX share the same goals and desired results.
  • The correct integration of UX experts and tasks saves time and money, increases productivity and efficiency, creates the best idea execution for target customers, and keeps engineering’s changes and rebuilds to a minimum.
  • UX specialists conduct user research, design the entire product, validate it through user testing, iterate to fix flaws, and deliver vetted blueprints so engineering can build once.
  • Specifics of how UX and product designers fit into Agile and Lean.
  • How cross-functional teams can break down silos, collaborate better, and measurably improve DevOps results.

Some of DevOps ICU’s 400+ slides. Most slides have one large picture so that the audience is not distracted by words on the screen. Slides that are likely to have points that people will want to write down or take a camera phone picture have the points on the slides (rather than a single image).

Trainers Will Have Complete Access To:

  • “Train the Trainer” – Trainers who meet our criteria and sign our contract will receive full training on how to deliver this material. This is completely free of charge. Pass the (also free) certification exam and you can start training!
  • 400+ PowerPoint slides and a full script. Memorize it, half memorize it, ad lib a bit, whatever works best for your style while maintaining the integrity of the material.
  • A companion book (~130 pages), available for Kindle and in paperback, which covers the “meat and potatoes” of around 70% of the course. Order paperbacks at the Amazon author discount and resell to trainees or package with your training.
  • Our pre-recorded video course of the full training, which can be resold to attendees or packaged together with your training.
  • A certification exam for trainees. Send attendees to the online exam. When we are notified who passed, we will send them certificates and badges they can use, print, and share.

Bridging the Gap Created By What’s Missing From

Current Agile, Lean, or Software Development Training

People return from Agile training with new ways to build software yet no specifics on how to collaborate with the people designing that software. Agile and UX are often in conflict. Agile methodologies “don’t know how UX fits in” or tend to suggest that UX specialists aren’t on the Agile team, should train the Agile team to do their job, or should be excluded to “solve” siloing and collaboration issues.

This training leads companies of all sizes to misunderstand, circumvent, exclude, and overrule UX. No other role in software development faces these fates.

Books on Scrum suggest that if your UX practitioner is a bottleneck, she should teach others how to do her job. No Agile coach would ever suggest that a specialized programmer causing a bottleneck needs to train others to do his job. If you wouldn’t suggest it for a non-UX role, don’t suggest it for UX.

Lean principles are often mistakenly interpreted to give non-UX specialists a license to do UX tasks. Many end up running flawed research, creating poor designs, and running biased user testing (or skipping testing). They “just ship it” and then are confused by why their great Lean adventures didn’t produce the traction and adoption they expected. Are they a failure? Or could working with great UX specialists save the day?

Copyright Scaled Agile Framework, who should be embarrassed that UX is a tiny icon in the bottom left. Their materials suggest that the solution to UX specialists often being siloed is to exclude them and have “Agile teams” do their own “Lean UX.” Nobody puts UX in the corner.

This must be solved during Agile or Lean instruction and coaching,
or as a future add-on workshop for those who already received training.
Partner With Us

Behold the Carnage!

Many companies are sure that the problem is UX; they’re not Agile, not Lean, not collaborating well enough, too siloed, etc. To solve this, we must align leadership, management, and workers with new processes, workflows, approaches, staffing, and culture.

It’s easy to train some people and send them on their way, feeling confident they understand Agile or Lean. But what’s really happening out in Techland?

UX fails in the news remind us of the time, money, resources, and company perception wasted when UX isn’t properly integrated. 

Your trainer Debbie Levitt was a serial contractor and freelancer in the San Francisco area for nearly 8 years. She worked with startups, small companies, all the way up to Fortune 100s. She saw UX circumvented, excluded, and overruled because it was completely misunderstood. Who are these time wasters who draw boxes on a page? Anybody can do their job… let’s give it to a junior graphic designer. We’ll test it when we release it to the public! UX is Lean waste! Agile and Lean say that engineers can do UX tasks too.

Your customers only see your UX. That’s it! They have no idea if you were Agile, Lean, Waterfall, or anything else. Everything customers think about your product and company is wrapped up in the experience you give them. Who is designing that experience? Experts and specialists? No? Why not? Does your company hire non-expert programmers to do the coding?

There’s no longer a reason or excuse to just built it, just ship it, and hope that the guinea pigs like it. We can know ahead of time. And with the right specialists on board, UX specialists are an investment that more than pays for itself.

Details and Logistics

Let’s discuss how we can partner to offer your training customers and audience anything from a half day to two days of the DevOps ICU program. It’s the knockout punch that Agile training is currently glaringly lacking. Adding the DevOps ICU program to training and coaching brings you a new revenue stream and better equips companies to be Agile.

I don’t know much about UX… how will I handle trainee questions?

For those who are not comfortable taking questions on the DevOps ICU material, the best option is to resell the program. Debbie would be available on-site or remotely (webinar-style) to deliver the material and take questions at each public or private training. 

Do I need to sell the full 2-day program to my attendees?

No. While we recommend the full 2-day program, we can customize it and boil it down to roughly a full day with just the most important information. For example, not everybody might want the two chapters on how to hire UX talent and avoid hiring impostors. Shorter programs are also possible.

We will work with you on customizing the right length program for your audience.


Will you “train the trainer”?

Yes. Trainers who fit our criteria and sign our contract will be trained on how to deliver this course. This is done for free, zero cost to you. You’re investing in us, we’re investing in you.


Can I use the DevOps ICU program in other languages?

We currently only have the script and other materials in English. Let’s connect and talk about who would translate these into the language(s) you require.

This program looks great. Can’t I just use it for free?

DevOps ICU is our registered trademarks. The material is all original, written by Debbie Levitt, and copyrighted. We do not make it available for free.

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