“How often has your design been f***ed up by unprofessional developers?” was the subject line of a sales email I received from an eastern European app dev company who wanted to court my UX agency.

While the choice of language makes you wonder if they meant to be provocative or if it’s an online translation fail, what caught my eye was the idea of a team of developers calling other developers unprofessional… for not following a UX agency’s designs.

It’s a great sales pitch because it’s a real problem, and not just in the agency-to-agency, B2B world. I’ve seen this time and time again in companies of all sizes. UX works for days, weeks, months on precise UX designs. Tests and validates them. And when they move to the engineering team, our deliverables and documentation are treated as easily-ignored, soft guidelines rather than precise and exact designs.

Your peers see you as unprofessional.

This is where we’re headed. Circumventing UX, ignoring the designs, or developers trying to do the UX will soon be “so last year.” Because it’s getting f***ed up more than it’s going well.

We’re not far from a time when it’ll be required, expected, and assumed that every engineering role will follow UX designs. Those who don’t are “unprofessional” and f***ing it up.