DevOps ICU

Measurably Increase Productivity, Efficiency,

Product, Culture, and Customer Satisfaction

Through Improved Processes and Workflows

“Raise Your UX IQ” with the piece
your Agile training left out.

Agile, Lean, and other software development methodologies aren’t explaining what UX is, how and why it’s done, and how to best integrate these specialists and their tasks. Many training materials never mention UX, leaving teams unsure of the importance and role of UX. Other materials suggest the specialized work can be done by anybody regardless of talent, skill, or knowledge. This is hurting product, customer satisfaction, and killing corporate culture.

Understanding UX, hiring the right experts, and correctly integrating tasks and personnel are no longer optional or a “nice to have.” Our program comes in a variety of lengths and is perfect to add to existing coaching, training, and certifications. Companies, level up your internal processes with our program. Trainers and coaches, level up your offerings to include our materials and/or trainers.

Your software dev process is in critical condition.

Business processes and workflows are inefficient. Agile isn’t living up to its name. “Disaster projects” bleed time and money. You’re losing customers, or having a harder time winning them. The competition looks pretty good.

Productivity is suffering. Collaboration is frustrating or seems non-existent. Engineering has to build and rebuild more than it should. Customer service is often in crisis management mode trying to handle angry and upset customers.

You’re the norm, not the exception. We’re here to help.

After training, those who pass our exam will receive a certificate and badge for our “Certification in UX Process Integration.”

Show the world you’ve increased your UX IQ and your knowledge of UX’s role in these key goals:

  • Product quality
  • Shorter time to market
  • Improving productivity and efficiency
  • Increasing your ability to build the right product
  • Improving customer satisfaction.

Imagine the dream fantasy of dev teams building the right product for customers… and only once.

You’re tired of engineering having to rebuild and re-QA because someone changed their mind. Or because live, paying customers were unhappy guinea pigs… and now you have to fix it. All of it.

Learn how to save time, money, and sanity when UX does research, designs, builds rapid UX prototypes, conducts and interprets UX testing, and iterates… before developers write a line of code.

Our DevOps ICU program is available in multiple formats.

Live Public Workshops

Join our live, remote, webinar-style public workshop. Delivered as four half days.

eBook and Paperback

The companion book to our 2-hour workshop version is now available on Amazon around the world.

On-Site Private Training

Bring us into your company for workshops and consulting.

Also available as a conference presentation for Engineering, Tech, Agile, Lean, and other non-UX audiences in the following lengths:

  • 30 minute presentation (Minimum Viable Presentation)
  • 40 minute presentation
  • 60 minute presentation
  • 60 minute interactive workshop
  • 90 minute interactive workshop
  • 120 minute interactive workshop

They won’t see your cape but you will be wearing one.

You will be the one who figured out how UX fits into processes and where they shine. You will be the person having the GOOD time working with UX. You will be the person everybody else wants to learn from.

People “above you” will wonder where you got all of these great ideas.

Where does DevOps start?

DevOps is often defined as the processes, operations, methodologies, tools, and culture surrounding a company’s software and systems development. But at many companies, engineering doesn’t operate in a vacuum; they’re fed by other teams. Blueprints, ideas, designs, and concepts come from product design specialists who decide layouts, flows, and interactivity. These are non-engineering individuals and teams who share the DevOps’ goals… and are part of collaboration throughout the software development process.


DevOps is truly about so much more than how developers connect with IT, how infrastructure is managed, and how frameworks can be improved. It’s about recognizing how many teams are involved in the software development process and finding better ways to make sure everybody is at the table. The DevOps ICU training program helps companies of all sizes improve processes and workflows to measurably increase software development results.


We chose to use the word “DevOps” because with Agile more focused on processes and efficiency, CI/CD more focused on life cycles and automation, who’s focusing on the team designing what Engineering will build? DevOps includes a focus on culture and product quality that naturally connect well with UX tasks and goals.

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